Jami’s Halo is a foundation created to carry on a legacy of compassion, generosity and love towards others. It was founded in memory of Jami Ann Pless after losing her in a car accident at the very young age of 23. Jami believed that we should take care of each other and extend a helping hand to those around us, before they even had to ask. She recognized that everyone’s situation was different and that we shouldn’t judge, but instead, try and make a positive impact in their lives.

Jami’s Halo was founded in October of 2016 to provide help and hope to families who had needs due to the illness, injury or death of a child. The mission, one of compassion, generosity and love, to assist with immediate needs such as making sure parents had gas to get to and from the hospital to be with their child, had food for groceries for the family at home and could keep the lights on for the day when they were able to return home. The final piece of the mission, in the event they experienced the horrific death of a child, the foundation could help with final expenses when there were no other resources available.

This founding mission was designed to carry on her legacy, but was also designed to build on the lessons her death taught our family. The cost, both emotionally and financially, of losing a child was substantial and must be addressed immediately in order to proceed with final arrangements. The thought of any parent not being able to lay their child to rest due to financial needs, was unbearable to us.

Now, after time, God has shown us the next addition to Jami’s Halo and her legacy, Jami’s Closet. Through a partnership with Barbee Realty and Deanna Barbee, we are sponsoring Jami’s Closet, a special “Invitation Only Boutique” filled with clothes, shoes, accessories and some necessities, that are new or very gently used. This boutique is very unique in that it’s only accessible by an invitation from our volunteers in the community and everything is free. Our volunteers see a need in the community and provide an invitation card to our very special cliental. They give us a call and we make arrangements for their visit to the boutique on the second floor of the Beulah Building.

We are very blessed that Jami’s Closet also hosts space for a Faith Based Support Ministry. We are actively looking for opportunities for support groups, faith based study groups and counselors to use the space. We currently have a grief counselor on board and are hoping to expand to other areas in the near future.

We recognize that God has blessed us in an enormous way and want to share those blessings with others. We also recognize that God said he will allow no challenge to come to us that he will not see us through and that we should use those challenges to help others through similar situations. Who are we to question God’s direction?

We ask for your prayers, support and suggestions as we continue to work to fulfill the plan God has laid out for us. No family should feel they have to endure life’s challenges alone.

Invitation cards are available to local law enforcement officers, fire personnel, EMS personnel, educators, clergy, counselors, social workers, support staff for distribution. If you have questions, please contact us directly @ jamishalo23@gmail.com.