In Memory of J.B. Milano


The 1950 White Tudor Ford

The year was 1956, my best buddy John Milano got his drivers license and bought a 1950 White Tudor Ford with a Flathead V-8 under the hood. Western Auto and Pep Boys supplied a lot of bling for the new ride. I helped him install the different items on the car and for a couple of 16 year olds I thought we did a pretty good job. His dad remarked that after a pair of Glass Pack Mufflers were installed on the car it sounded like a dump truck instead of a car. The car didn't run any faster it just sounded like it did. If for nothing else it became a “Chic Magnet,” the girls liked all the bling and the new rear speakers. We spent a lot of time cruising the Drive In restaurants hauling girls around and eating hamburgers. I should point out that our income was limited John was carrier for the Charlotte News and part time bag boy at the A&P Grocery Store and professional car washer at the Park Road Pure Station, my income came from my paper route with Charlotte Observer, part time Stock Boy for J.C. Penny and professional car washer at the Park Road Pure Station. John became a regular customer at Adams Junk Yard on Tremont Avenue, he bought used tires, batteries, and assorted parts to keep the Ford running. That fall we entered the 11th grade and as the weather got colder antifreeze was put in the radiator and thermostats installed on both water pumps, and a new radiator cap was installed. As the pressure built in the radiator a host of leaks appeared in numerous areas. Both John and I were throwing money into the car to keep it running. We survived through the 11th grade and into warm weather. When the rearend let go and the motorcycle cop got into the gear oil and dropped his motorcycle, the end of the road was in site for the old White Tudor Ford. Adams Brothers bought the car for junk.