In Memory of J.B. Milano


Sneaking in the Drive In Theatre

John Milano's older brother David made a bet that he could sneak more people in the South 21 Drive In Theatre than anyone else. David ask John and I if we wanted to be part of the caper, and we agreed. David had a 1948 4 door Lincoln that had seen better days. We tried different ways of packing people in the trunk and still came up with same count. David removed the spare tire and we added one more. It was decided to remove the back seat and let two people lay where the seat was and throw a blanket over them. Several empty boxes were placed on the blanket. The final body count was nine people seven in the trunk and two where the back seat was. Saturday night came and we all piled in the Lincoln and headed for the Drive In. David drove us in the drive in with no problem and parked on the back row. We started unloading people and it looked like clowns at the circus getting out of their little car. Some one must have seen us and reported the activity to the manager. He came up and wanted to know how we got in the drive in? We said; we were parked in rows and met up on the back row to enjoy the movie. He wasn't buying it, and told us he was calling the cops. Seeing how no one wanted to go to jail we walked out to South Blvd. And walked down the street some distance waiting for David to come out and pick us up. Time went by and no David and no Lincoln. John said; I'll sneak around back of the drive in and find my brother. Some minutes went by before we saw the Lincoln limping on a flat tire. When David went to leave it was discovered he had a flat tire. He opened the trunk and realized his spare tire was back home where it had been removed to allow more people in the trunk. He tried borrowing a spare tire to no avail. When John showed up David agreed to drive the flat tire Lincoln out of the drive in. David and John told us to wait and they would go back to their house and put the spare on and come get us. The old Lincoln limped off on the shoulder of the road disappearing into the darkness. Some time later it rolled up and we all piled in the backseat and front seat and went back the Milano house.