Rabbit Joke


In Memory of J.B. Milano

The Morris Minor

We had a class mate Sidney Crofton who drove a little Morris Minor. Sidney was a likeable guy that everyone liked. One morning on our way to dear old Myers Park High we ran out of gas. Sidney Crofton pulled in behind us as we were gathering our finances to purchase some gas. Sidney got out and walked up asked John what happened? John told Sidney we were out of gas. Sidney asked John if he had a gas can? No, but I think I have a tow chain, Sidney said; he would pull John up several blocks to the Shell gasoline station where we could get gas. The two cars were hooked together and Sidney told John to keep the slack out of the chain by keeping pressure on the brake pedal. The journey began and John kept his foot on the brake pedal. As we moved along heading to the bright yellow Shell sign the brake pedal slowly went to floor. Realizing that we didn't have any brakes John panicked and started pumping the brake pedal to build up the pressure in the brake lines! All at once the brakes grabbed and all four wheels locked up. The chained tighten up and the little bumper on the Morris Minor sprung out in the middle before it stopped the little car. When the wrap around bumper sprung out both ends were squeezed into both rear fenders which in turn cut both rear tires. Here we sat on Selwyn Ave. in heavy morning traffic with two cars broke down and horns blowing. We unhooked the two cars and started kicking the bent bumper enough that Sidney could drive his car flat tires and all into the Shell station. John and I got out and started pushing the Ford to Shell station with help of irate motorist that we had blocked.

I don't know if any money was exchanged between John and Sidney over the incident. I just know that we bought a gas can that stayed in the trunk if we ever ran out of gas again.