In Memory of J.B. Milano


The Flower Water

Billy Walters lived several blocks from our neighborhood. His family had lived on that land for generations. John Milano and I met Billy in the third grade an we became fast friends. I guess it was in junior high when Billys grandfather past away. His grandfather lived with them and raised flowers. Grand Pa Walters had a greenhouse and it was off limits to Billy and his brothers. About month after his Grand Pa died Billy ask us if we wanted to see the greenhouse? John and I were curious about the greenhouse because it was off limits to all of the kids and even the grownups. Billy had been watering the flowers on orders from his mother after Grand Pa died. The three of us went in and it was hot inside. Billy told us that his grand father had made special plant food and water for the flowers. Special water? Billy said; he distilled the water to get the impurities out and the plants grew better. Grand Pa has jars of it stored in the back. We walked back to see the special water. Hidden in the back some old cabinet were a bunch of quart jars of water. John ask Billy if the water tasted different from regular water? Billy said; I don't know I never tasted it, you want a jar? John took a jar. When John and I started back home we talked about the special water. John decided to give some of it to their hunting dogs before we drink it. The next day I ask John what happen to the dogs? He said: when he and his brother David went out to feed them this morning they were just laying around like they were sleepy. I took the rest of the water and poured it in with some of my dads wine jugs where he makes his wine. Johns mother accused his father with fortifying the wine because it had such a kick and would bring a three day hangover. To this day I wonder if that old greenhouse is still around and full of “Flower Water?”