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Local News

July 7, 2015

The Locust City Council will hold their July meeting this Thursday, July 9, 2015, at 7:30pm in the Joel Huneycutt Room located in the Locust Government Center, Locust Town Center.  See Agenda below.

Locust City Council Meeting





Joel Huneycutt Community Room

7:30 p.m.





July 9, 2015









Mayor Steve Huber



Council Members Mayor Pro-tem David Walker, Larry Baucom, Roger Hypes, Harry Fletcher, Mike Haigler,







Michael Hinson, JC Burris























Call to Order: 1 Call to Order
Mayor Huber


2 Presentation of Colors, Prayer
Mayor Huber


3 Adopt Agenda



Reports: 4 Minutes - adopt June 2015
Amy Meachum


5 Financial Reports
Amy Meachum

Department Reports: 6 Mayor's Report
Mayor Huber



Election Filing




7 Administrator's Report
Tim Fesperman



Approve Purchase Orders





Budget Amendments





Audit Contract




8 Administration/HR
David Walker


9 Parks/Facilities
JC Burris


10 Public Works/Centralina COG
Larry Baucom


11 Zoning/ABC Store
Harry Fletcher


12 Public Safety
Mike Hinson


13 Economic Dev/Code Enf
Mike Haigler


14 Senior Services/Rural Planning Org
Roger Hypes


15 Public Comment Period:




16 Board Closing Comments




17 Adjourn
Mayor Huber


















Next Regular Scheduled Meeting August 13, 2015












The Dollar Tree Store will open a store in the Walmart Red Bridge Shopping Plaza.

Funds have been approved for new sidewalks on North Central Ave. from Lions Club Drive to Locust Valley and for Lions Club Drive to and parts of the Locust City Park.

The planned opening for the new Dairy Queen at the corner of West Main St. and Meadow Creek Church Rd. has been moved back to late July.  Construction crews are remodeling the site.


My eye witness account of watching a UFO over Locust


On June 30, 2015 Tuesday morning around 11:00 am I was in a conversation with a local minister.  My neighbor had just passed away and I was sitting on the front porch facing northwest talking to the minister when I noticed a silver cigar shaped object moving slowly from the southwest towards the Northeast in the sky.  It took me several seconds to realize what I was observing.  I suddenly stopped in mid conversation and told the minister there was a cigar shaped object in the sky moving behind him, it was going behind a magnolia tree, the minister turned around trying to locate the object.  It disappeared behind the tree. I got up and moved to my left trying to find it again.  I couldn’t find it and the minister could not locate the object.  I can only say that it appeared to have no wings and made no noise and left no jet stream.  As to how fast or altitude it was traveling I have no idea.  I can only say that I witnessed something that I can not explain.  I remember reading in last Sundays edition of the Stanly News and Press about a sighting in Richfield.  I pulled up the article and the photo of the object looked very much like the one I observed.


Locust Police Department



Hello all. Below is a link to the FTC website about how you can be put on do not call or mail lists. I don't know if it will help with those annoying phone and email scam attempts but the website does have a section covering those as well.

A couple of updates, the first of which covers those attempted scam phone calls and messages. I've noticed an increase in these types of scam attempts as we're routinely fielding several calls and visits at the office related to this type of activity. Thankfully so far, no one has fallen for them and they only want to make us aware. Simply put, if anyone calls you, emails you, or sends you mail and it requires any type of demanded payment, a request for personal information such as your social security number or bank info, I can almost 100% assure you that it is a scam. If you are unsure, look up contact information for the organization that the caller or sender claims to represent and find out from the actual organization or agency itself. If you are reading this email it means you have internet access. Many of these scams (IRS, Craig's List, lower interest rate, etc.) are covered on the internet simply by searching "IRS scams", "Craig's List scams" etc. You can also use websites such as the FTC website, Better Business Bureau, and the NC DOJ site. This will also be covered in this month's newsletter (when I have a chance to do it).

This month's newsletter will be out before the end of the month. It will not include crime statistics due to circumstances out of my control and will likely be without statistics for the next few months. Our reports and paperwork are still being kept accurately and very detailed, I just have no way to access the monthly reports for the time being. I assure you I will keep you alerted if there are any emerging crime trends of concern and I will catch up on statistics when they become available.

Everyone be careful in the super high temperatures we are experiencing and everyone stay safe. 


Detective Jeff Shew
Locust Police Department
186 Ray Kennedy Drive
PO Box 190
Locust, NC 28097


Locust Planning and Zoning

June 2015

4 New House Permits Allman, Pinnacle Homes, Carolina Development

4 Commercial up fit

1 Sign Permit

2 Remodel Permits

Code Enforcement, High Grass, Signs.

Working with NCDOT on CTP Plan with Red Cross and Stanly County.  See Proposals  Click here.

New moped laws to take effect in July


Moped owners will have to meet new state requirements, they will be required to register their mopeds with the state Division of Motor Vehicles and get a license plate.  North Carolina House Bill 1145 was signed into law last August.

Moped owners will have to pay the same base fee and be issued the same type of registration card and plate as a motorcycle. To register with DMV and ride on a public road, the owner has to have a manufacturer's certificate of origin. The moped also has to be designed and manufactured for use on a road, according to the legislation.

If a moped owner doesn’t have a manufacturer’s certificate of origin, they have to submit an affidavit as to why they don’t have the certificate, according to the law.

Local police departments are ready for the new law to take effect.

A moped can have no more than a 50-cubic-inch motor and can only reach the speed of 30 mph.

If House bill 148 passes in the Senate, it would require owners to maintain insurance if they drive their moped on a public road. The state House of Representatives passed the bill at the end of April and it was sent to the Senate, where it has remained in the committee on insurance.

The Six Cents Tax Scam Click here.



Post 6365 Locust VFW Meeting Third Tuesday of Month


Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 6365 Locust, meets the third Tuesday of each month, at 1011 Meadow Creek Church Road.  We have a light meal and joint session with the Ladies Auxiliary at 6pm.  The veterans and ladies then have individual meetings starting at about 7pm.  All veterans of foreign conflicts are invited to attend. Call Bill Smith 704-773-0555 for more information.

See our Schedule Click Here.



The City of Locust has a Twitter Account at




Click here.







The Locust Government Center




Check out the web site for latest information about our city or the Locust Patch, Weekly Post and Stanly News&Press.

Have a great a week and listen to our radio show every Monday morning at 7:45 am on WSPC 1010 am or on the Internet at for the latest happenings in Western Stanly County.

Best Regards,

Tate and Emily        



The City of Locust requires a golf cart sticker for driving on city streets.  Go by the Locust Police Department located in the Locust Town Center in the Locust Government Center at 186 Ray Kennedy Drive  for your permit and sticker. 


New Golf Cart Sticker

                                   City of Locust Golf Cars (Cart) Ordinance click here.

Golf Cart battery maintenance click here.


The proper way of disposing a worn American Flag Click here.



Roger Hypes will be sharing some human interest stories of people, events, and places of our Locust community.


One of the definitions of community is the area itself; people with common interests living in a particular area. The Remember When… column should help us better understand the history, people and happenings of Locust, the place we call home.


Remember When…will help us all to take the time out of our busyness to reflect, reminisce, think back, recollect, go over in the memory and hopefully, be able to share a smile of a memory to make us better appreciate the present.  Take a deep breath, lay in the grass and look up in the sky of the cloud shapes, or the stars at night.


I would ask that if you have an event, a crossroads, a person that has helped create the history of Locust, get in touch with Roger Hypes at   “Remember When…” will not be in every week update of Locust Patch, but when stories are available and to give the story the value it deserves.  Be thinking as I feel this will be a good way for all of us to appreciate what we have, and where we live.







  • North Carolina House of Representatives
    Rep. Justin P. Burr
    1315 Legislative Building, Raleigh, NC 27601-1096
    (919) 733-5908

    JBP Report from Raleigh 



          Rep. Justin P. Burr

          North Carolina House of Representatives

          67th District - Stanly, Union, and Montgomery Counties


          Legislative Office Building, Room 307A

          300 N. Salisbury Street

          Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

          (919) 733-5908


          Legislative Assistant:

          Dina Long -










    25th District: Anson, Richmond, Rowan, Scotland, and Stanly

    1118 Legislative Building, Raleigh, NC 27601











    FJune 8, 2014

    Congressman Richard Hudson Addresses EPA Dogma

    As a Member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, my top priorities are getting folks back to work, keeping energy affordable, advancing an all-of-the-above energy strategy and reining in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I continue to hear from countless of our neighbors who are concerned with the EPA's overreach and what it means for their jobs, their paychecks and their electricity bills.


    Affordable and reliable electricity is a necessity. It heats and cools our homes, it powers our hospitals so patients can receive life-saving care, it keeps the lights on in our schools so students can learn, and it fuels our businesses to creates jobs and help our economy move forward. Unfortunately, the EPA is threatening to cut the power by restricting access and raising energy costs with its proposed regulations on power plants. That’s why I’m working to protect our community from this harmful EPA regulation and many more like it that could have detrimental economic consequences.


    Under the EPA’s proposed 111(d) rule for existing power plants, also known by the administration as the “Clean Power Plan,” the EPA interprets a rarely used provision of the Clean Air Act to allow the agency to plaster more red tape and set mandatory carbon dioxide (CO2) goals for each state’s energy producers that go well beyond reasonable standards for clean air. By proposing this rule, the EPA seeks to fundamentally change how electricity is generated, distributed and consumed across the country. Our state would be required to submit a complex plan in 2016 and must then begin to meet short-term goals in 2020 and a final goal in 2030. If our plan doesn’t satisfy the EPA’s impossible requirements, the EPA would impose a federal plan, which has not yet been established by the administration.


    In North Carolina, we’ve already reduced carbon dioxide emissions significantly. This burdensome rule will only serve to increase electricity rates by nearly 14% without having a significant impact on global emissions. This is unacceptable. We can keep the environment clean while protecting jobs and ensuring energy is affordable, but we have to be reasonable about it.


    The EPA is not only threatening the American dream, but our very livelihood. Businesses and manufacturers of all sizes in our district require reliable power to not only keep the lights on but to keep their operations thriving. The EPA’s pending power plant rule will cause electricity prices to skyrocket for families and businesses alike, forcing businesses to trim elsewhere and leaving hardworking folks with less take home pay and fewer jobs.


    In February, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy asserted that regulations by the EPA have never cost one job. That is absolutely absurd and demonstrates a myopia that is stunning. Outside of the national debt, the EPA in general and its proposed “Clean Power Plan” specifically represent the greatest threat to the economic prosperity of this nation.


    Instead of making it more difficult for hardworking Americans to succeed – whether it’s getting a job, owning a home, or paying bills – we need solutions that will provide economic prosperity and more opportunities.


    That’s why the House passed the Ratepayer Protection Act to empower states to protect families and businesses from rate increases, reduced reliability and other harmful effects of the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan.” The bill requires judicial review of the final rule before requiring states to comply. In addition, it ensures that no state will be forced to implement a state or federal plan if its governor finds a significant adverse effect on electricity rates or reliability.


    Our tepid economic recovery continues to sputter along and folks are struggling to get back on their feet, the last thing we need is more regulations that would have no measurable effect on clean air, but would drive up the cost of energy. With the Obama administration’s proposed rule for power plants and many other EPA regulations, Washington wants to rip the rug right from under us. The Ratepayer Protection Act is just one round of our fight to stop the EPA’s job-killing regulations and provide economic stability.



    Until next week,

    Richard Hudson

    Member of Congress (NC-08)






    Concord Office
    325 McGill Ave, NW
    Suite 500
    Concord, NC 28027
    Phone: (704) 786·1612
    Rockingham Office
    1015 Fayetteville Rd
    Rockingham, NC 28379
    Phone: (910) 997·2070
    Washington D.C. Office
    429 Cannon HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225·3715




    Locust Farmer's Market
    Corner of East Main St. and Vella Dr.
    Thursdays from 12 noon until 6 pm

    See the benefits that vegetables give to your body Click here. 




    Merri's Dolls

    TELEPHONE  704- 604-1292    MMETZ9999@AO0L.COM




    Lane Ross Designs


    He designs screen prints on regular screen doors. He does fire fighter designs, does branches of the military, vintage signs ie Merita Bread, Texaco, Shell, Sundrop etc. He also does different beach themes ie crab, sail boats, beach umbrella/chairs and many more designs. If interested, please contact Lane Ross at 704 467 7880 or by email, Prices are approx $110 for a design.


    Play Red Bridge Golf & Country Club




     We have finalize the member events for 2015 and want your feedback from the list below.

    May:        Thursday shootout starts
    May:         Member-Member
    August:    Club Championship
    Sept:         Member-Guest
    October:   Couples Championship
    November:  3-person Turkey Scramble

    Jonathan Snyder
    General Manager


    11-11-11 Tuesday Is Back!
    Every Tuesday play golf w/cart for $22 and for your enjoyment you can buy a 6-pack of beer for $11

    Thursday Night 9-hole Shootout
    Open to the Public
    5:30 shotgun
    Call the golf shop to sign up

     These Coupons Expire June 17, 2015

    Print this sheet out and present! at registration to receive discounts


    Senior Appreciation Day
    Players over the age of 55 play for

    (no coupon necessary)

    $11 greens fee, $11 cart,
     $11 6-pack special



    Includes GF & Cart

    Ladies Day

    Includes GF & Cart

    Thirsty Thursday

    2-players for
    $1.99 Beer Special


    Before 11:00
    After 12:00
    After 3:00

     Sat & Sunday

    Before 11:00
    (Reg $53)
    After 12:30
    After 3:00


    Print this sheet out and present at registration to receive discounts

    Coupons Expire June 17, 2015

    Don't forget Fathers Day is right around the corner



    Red Bridge Golf Club : 6801 Gatehouse Rd :  Locust, NC 28097 : Phone: 704-781-5231


    d : C 28097 : Phone: 704-781-5231

    See Restaurant Row  in the Locust Patch  Enter here

    Shop Local Click Here



    Grant Hartsell Masonry LLC

    Specializing in Brick, Block, Stone and a Good Job

    Call 704-888-6730, 980-581-0237 or DC 150*5*5158








    The West Stanly Business Association is a group of local business owners who meet on the first and third Wednesday, of every month at 12 noon until 1:00 pm at Stanly Community College in the Honeycutt Room. Lunch is $5.00 per person, annual dues are $35.00 per company. Our main focus is to discuss the issues in the community related to local business: marketing ideas and strategies, small business issues, community development issues and the like. Most meetings involve a guest speaker to discuss pertinent issues. We welcome all business owners in and around Locust, Oakboro, Red Cross and Stanfield. Business owners in Midland are also welcome to join us as we share services even though we are in different counties. This is an open forum for the exchange of ideas related to local business. So come on down and join in. We just might be what you have been waiting for!
    For more information, please feel free to contact Mike Harwood at the Bank of Stanly

    What's Playing Click here.



















    Something to think about.



    The gas company serving this area brought their call
    center back to Phoenix from India last year after numerous customer
    complaints.  What a difference now when you call them...and it created
    300 jobs.  I know this works because they were so bad that when India
    answered I wouldn't even deal with them.  I'd simply ask to be
    transferred to a supervisor in the U.S. and they would comply.


    Now that I know it is the LAW - I will do it for sure

    Any time you call an 800 number (for a credit card, banking, Verizon,
    health and other insurance, computer help desk, etc) and you find that
    you're talking to a foreign customer service representative (perhaps
    in India , Philippines , etc), please consider doing the following:


    After you connect and you realize that the customer
    service representative is not from the USA
    (you can always ask if you
    are not sure about the accent), please, very politely (this is not
    about trashing other cultures) say,
    "I'd like to speak to a customer
    service representative in the United States of America
    .."The rep
    might suggest talking to his/her manager, but, again, politely say,
    "Thank you, but I'd like to speak to a customer service representative
    in the USA .


    That's the rule and the LAW.


    It takes less than one minute to have your call re-directed to the USA .

    Tonight when I got redirected to a USA rep, I asked again to make sure
    - and yes, she was from Fort Lauderdale .


    Imagine what would happen if every US citizen insisted on talking to
    only US phone reps from this day on.

    Imagine how that would ultimately impact the number of
    US jobs that would need to be created ASAP.


    If I tell 10 people to consider this and you tell 10
    people to consider doing this - see what I becomes an
    exercise in viral marketing 101.

    The goal here is to restore jobs back here at home -
    not to be abrupt or rude to a foreign phone rep.

    You may even get correct answers, good advice, and solutions to your
    problem - in real English.









    Did you know?  Locust residents with recycling rollcarts average approximately 30-40lbs of recycling each collection per household  totaling 400lbs on annual basis!