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April 17, 2014


Locust issued three new housing permits, two remodel permits, two new sign permits and the NC DOT is constructing the new sidewalk on North Central Ave. from East Main St. to Lions Club Drive.

New development is about to start in Locust.  Look for new announcements in coming weeks. 



Multiple news outlets are reporting a new IRS scam that has targeted an estimated 20,000 tax-payers resulting in losses in excess of one million dollars.


The scam is perpetrated by telephone and email by scammers posing as IRS agents. A phone call is received with these phony agents giving a fake name and badge number and claiming that you owe tax money. They demand payment by a pre-paid debit card or through a money wire transfer, and they threaten you with arrest or other penalties if you do not comply. To add more realism to the threat, these scammers will sometimes have the last four digits of your social security number and will follow the phone call with an e-mail that appears equally authentic. Although initially the scam was targeting primarily immigrants, it has extended out to include all demographics of tax-payers.


The IRS is cautioning all tax-payers of any phone calls or e-mails related to owed taxes. They also stated that usually in regard to owed taxes, you will receive correspondence in the mail prior to any phone calls. I recommend using the "second opinion" method. If you receive a phone call or e-mail supposedly from the IRS regarding owed taxes, visit the official IRS web-site or contact them by telephone to verify the correspondence was authentic prior to making any payments. Below is a link to the official website and a contact phone number:



The IRS website also has a section related to reporting any fraud or scam activity and the latest information. Link is below:


If you believe you have been a victim of an attempted or completed IRS scam, please contact the IRS first. They will direct you on how to proceed. For more information on the IRS scam, search the keywords IRS scam. A link to one of the articles is listed below:


Everyone take care.    

Officer Jeff Shew
Locust Police Department
186 Ray Kennedy Drive
PO Box 190
Locust, NC 28097



Locust Police Department 2013 Year in Review

CLICK here.

Locust United Methodist Church will be having a Bake Sale held at the Food Lion in Locust on April 19th at 9:00am. Come by and get your bake goods for your Easter Holiday!!! A Free special gift for any full size cake bought! 




Carolina Christian School

4th Annual May Madness 5k Race 2014 Sponsor Form



Sponsor name:  _________________________________________________________



Sponsor address: _________________________________________________________



Sponsor phone number: __________________________________________________


Name and title of authorizing sponsor contact:                                                                   


Name of Carolina Christian School PSF rep:                                                                      




______ $50.00         Business name to be placed on Sponsor sign on the course

                                    (18 x 32 sign)


______ $100.00       Business logo on back of race t-shirts

                                    (need grayscale logo e-mailed to


______ $125.00       Business name to be placed on Sponsor sign on the course AND

                                    Business logo on back of race t-shirts


______$25.00          Personal sponsorship to be placed on sign on the course

(12x18 sign).  Examples would be:  “Way to Go John,” “Proud of You Steve,” “Keep it Up Sue” or “Hang in There Mary.”


                                    To be put on sign: ________________________________________



Thank you for supporting Carolina Christian School!



The City of Locust has a Twitter Account at



March 2014

Click here.





The Locust Government Center




Check out the web site for latest information about our city or the Locust Patch, Weekly Post and Stanly News&Press.

Have a great a week and listen to our radio show every Monday morning at 7:45 am on WSPC 1010 am or on the Internet at for the latest happenings in Western Stanly County.

Best Regards,

Tate and Emily        



The City of Locust requires a golf cart sticker for driving on city streets.  Go by the Locust Police Department located in the Locust Town Center in the Locust Government Center at 186 Ray Kennedy Drive and see Capt. Charles Connell for your permit and sticker. 

New Golf Cart Sticker

 City of Locust Golf Cars (Cart) Ordinance click here.


Join us in welcoming the new members of the Green Pieces Family:


Alcoa Power Generating, Inc.

American Red Cross -Stanly County

Charlotte Soccer Academy

Criterion Healthcare

Crook Motor Co.

Electronics Recyclers International, Inc.


Fork Stables

Iron Work

JT Russell & Sons, Inc.

Main Street Music-Albemarle

Myers Park United Methodist Church

Stanly Regional Agricultural Fair   

Storm Technologies


Thank you and we look forward to working together!


Steve Megson

Green Pieces Recycling

Did you know?  Locust residents with recycling rollcarts average approximately 30-40lbs of recycling each collection per household  totaling 400lbs on annual basis!


The proper way of disposing a worn American Flag Click here.



Roger Hypes will be sharing some human interest stories of people, events, and places of our Locust community.


One of the definitions of community is the area itself; people with common interests living in a particular area. The Remember When… column should help us better understand the history, people and happenings of Locust, the place we call home.


Remember When…will help us all to take the time out of our busyness to reflect, reminisce, think back, recollect, go over in the memory and hopefully, be able to share a smile of a memory to make us better appreciate the present.  Take a deep breath, lay in the grass and look up in the sky of the cloud shapes, or the stars at night.


I would ask that if you have an event, a crossroads, a person that has helped create the history of Locust, get in touch with Roger Hypes (   “Remember When…” will not be in every week update of Locust Patch, but when stories are available and to give the story the value it deserves.  Be thinking as I feel this will be a good way for all of us to appreciate what we have, and where we live.





  • North Carolina House of Representatives
    Rep. Justin P. Burr
    1315 Legislative Building, Raleigh, NC 27601-1096
    (919) 733-5908

    JBP Report from Raleigh 

    Press Release 2014

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        Contact: Rep. Justin Burr

                  Phone: (919) 733-5908


    Raleigh: March 17, 2014 


    Rep. Justin Burr announced today that he will be accepting page applications for the 2014 short session which begins May 14, 2014. Pages are hosted for one week in Raleigh as they serve on the House floor, attend committee meetings, and learn how state government operates. "The House Pages who participated during the 2013 long session had a memorable week. They made new friends from around the state and got to participate in the legislative process," Rep. Burr commented.


    Basic requirements for pages are:

    • Have permission from a parent or guardian.

    • Be between the ages of 15 and 18 (or currently be in the ninth grade).

    • Be in good academic standing at their schools and have prior approval of the principal if serving during the school year.


    Positions fill up fast, so interested applicants should complete an online application at and call Rep. Burr's legislative office at 919-733-5908 to let him know you are interested and wish to be sponsored. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.


    For more information about the House Page program, call Mike Sutton, House Page Coordinator at 919-733-5701.


    Rep. Burr represents the 67th District which is Stanly and Montgomery Counties.



          Rep. Justin P. Burr

          North Carolina House of Representatives

          67th District - Stanly, Union, and Montgomery Counties


          Legislative Office Building, Room 307A

          300 N. Salisbury Street

          Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

          (919) 733-5908


          Legislative Assistant:

          Dina Long -








    Senator  Gene McLaurin

    25th District: Anson, Richmond, Rowan, Scotland, and Stanly

    1118 Legislative Building, Raleigh, NC 27601

    (919) 733-5953







    April 16, 2014 Newsletter


    A few weeks ago I decided to contact young leaders from my 5 county senate district and invite them to come together.  Many of them are taking on leadership roles within their communities in business, in government, in education, within the legal field and in various non-profit agencies.  Frankly, I hoped maybe a dozen would show up for our organizational meeting. I thought they might benefit from meeting one another and I knew from my experience that problems in our rural communities can best be solved by working together, across county boundary lines and in a collaborative manner.   Well, I must admit I was inspired by the positive response from over 40 young people who braved rain and wind and busy schedules to not only show up but to actively participate and share their ideas this past Tuesday evening at my 1st Young Leaders Advisory Council Meeting , held in downtown Wadesboro at Southern Medley Wine Cellar.  The true purpose of forming this group is to enable young leaders in our communities an opportunity to meet one another, discuss issues of concern, and share with me their thoughts and ideas on state policy and budget concerns. 


    Some of the topics discussed were providing incentives for small businesses, the importance of creating good jobs in rural communities, providing equal educational opportunities for every child, providing mentors for our children, and rewarding our teachers with competitive pay and most importantly, with the respect they deserve.  One example given by an educator at the meeting was that of a local teacher who could take a similar position in South Carolina where she could make about $9,000 more each year.  It is simply unacceptable for North Carolina teacher compensation to be so far behind.  In NC we need to set our sights on being #1 in education and make sure our policies and state budget reflect our priorities and our values.  If we fairly compensate and respect our teachers, then they will not be tempted to leave our state’s schools or the teaching profession.  Other topics discussed included support for early childhood education and intervention, support for veterans, foster homes in our region, and more.  I am excited to meet with the group again following the upcoming short session. 


    See the Richmond Daily Journal Article:

    See the Anson Record Article:


    Interim legislative committees are finalizing reports in the next month and will be making recommendations to the entire legislative body.  I serve on the following committees:  Energy Oversight Committee, Workforce Development Reform Committee; Economic Development Oversight Committee; Environmental Review Commission; Affordable Care Act Implementation Committee; Committee on Health Care Provider Practice Sustainability, Training, and Transparency. 


    Normally during the primary season, voter turnout is extremely low.  I encourage you to get out and vote in the primary.  Early voting will start April 24 and end May 3, 2014.   Please do your research on local, state, and federal candidates.  Voter guides are being mailed to homes and can be accessed by clicking on the following link: . The primary is May 6, 2014.


    As we approach Easter Sunday, I want to wish you and your families a Happy Easter.  I hope you and your family will join with other Christians to renew our faith in our risen Lord.  One of my favorite hymns is “Because He Lives.”


    Finally, if you have concerns about state legislative matters or need our help to resolve a problem with a state agency, please feel free to contact my office at 919-733-5953 or email






    February 16, 2014

    I hope everyone has stayed safe and warm over the past several days. Our state was hit by quite a storm and I'm sure many of you have been dealing with issues of lost power and dangerous travel conditions. Please remember to visit my website at for information on emergency management resources. Additionally, do not hesitate to contact my office if we can be of any assistance to you.
    This was a short week in Washington, but a busy one.
    I was extremely disappointed that once again President Obama and his Democrat colleagues insisted on raising the debt ceiling while refusing to work with us to find long-term solutions that cut wasteful government spending, encourage job creation, and strengthen our economy. I made a promise to the people I represent in North Carolina that I would not support a debt ceiling increase without addressing the underlying drivers of our debt that threaten our economy and the well-being of future generations.
    Still, we did manage to work across the aisle to address an important issue. In the bipartisan budget deal reached this year I was opposed to a provision that temporarily reduces the annual cost of living adjustment by 1% for working age retirees. With that said, I felt that a failure to tackle government spending as a whole could ultimately lead to a collapse of multiple forms of retirement programs that our veterans and millions of other American's rely on.
    Since then I have worked tirelessly with my colleagues to come up with a plan to restore these benefits in a responsible manner and have joined with a group of 61 other members to restore benefits for those disabled and most at risk. I am pleased to report that on February 11th, I joined with 325 of my colleagues in voting to eliminate the 1% cut for everyone who joined the military prior to January 1st, 2014.
    This week, I also had an opportunity to work on one of my primary concerns when it comes to helping veterans in the 8th District eliminating the backlog at the VA. I signed on to be an original cosponsor of H.R. 4031, the VA Management Accountability Act, a bill that increases direct accountability of VA executives by making it easier to get rid of bad employees. It is absolutely shameful that our veterans are forced to wait sometimes for years in order to receive the basic benefits that they deserve. We spend more today on the VA than at any point before, but too much of this money is spent on the bureaucracy in Washington and not enough at our hospitals and most importantly on veterans themselves. In the 2014 spending bill that recently passed, I voted to ensure resources were being used exclusively to cut down on the backlog and that accountability measures such as audits and public monthly reporting on individual backlogs at each office are available.
    Americans everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to our veterans, those currently serving, and families of these military men and women for the sacrifices they have made for our country. Each and every day, our soldiers risk their lives, devoting themselves fully to defending the United States in the face of the enemy.
    May we always remember and commemorate their valiant sacrifices. I will always fight for our American patriots who dedicate their lives to defend our freedom, secure our homeland, and protect our democracy.

    Until next week,

    Richard Hudson

    Member of Congress (NC-08)



    Concord Office
    325 McGill Ave, NW
    Suite 500
    Concord, NC 28027
    Phone: (704) 786·1612
    Rockingham Office
    1015 Fayetteville Rd
    Rockingham, NC 28379
    Phone: (910) 997·2070
    Washington D.C. Office
    429 Cannon HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225·3715





    See the benefits that vegetables give to your body Click here. 




    Merri's Dolls

    TELEPHONE  704- 604-1292    MMETZ9999@AO0L.COM




    Lane Ross Designs


    He designs screen prints on regular screen doors. He does fire fighter designs, does branches of the military, vintage signs ie Merita Bread, Texaco, Shell, Sundrop etc. He also does different beach themes ie crab, sail boats, beach umbrella/chairs and many more designs. If interested, please contact Lane Ross at 704 467 7880 or by email, Prices are approx $110 for a design.


    Play Red Bridge Golf & Country Club

    See all our Online-Only Specials below! - BUY NOW!
    (These offers are only valid when purchased online)









     * You must present a paid golf voucher at time of play. Rate not available at golf course.

    Call the Pro Shop at 704-781-5231 to Book Today!



    Red Bridge Golf & Country Club

    Red Bridge Golf Club : 6801 Gatehouse Rd :  Locust, NC 28097 : Phone: 704-781-5231


    d : C 28097 : Phone: 704-781-5231

    See Restaurant Row  in the Locust Patch  Enter here

    Shop Local Click Here



    Grant Hartsell Masonry LLC

    Specializing in Brick, Block, Stone and a Good Job

    Call 704-888-6730, 980-581-0237 or DC 150*5*5158








    The West Stanly Business Association is a group of local business owners who meet on the first and third Wednesday, of every month at 12 noon until 1:00 pm at Stanly Community College in the Honeycutt Room. Lunch is $5.00 per person, annual dues are $35.00 per company. Our main focus is to discuss the issues in the community related to local business: marketing ideas and strategies, small business issues, community development issues and the like. Most meetings involve a guest speaker to discuss pertinent issues. We welcome all business owners in and around Locust, Oakboro, Red Cross and Stanfield. Business owners in Midland are also welcome to join us as we share services even though we are in different counties. This is an open forum for the exchange of ideas related to local business. So come on down and join in. We just might be what you have been waiting for!
    For more information, please feel free to contact Mike Harwood at the Bank of Stanly

    What's Playing Click here.














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